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E20 – John Mitchell from LPL Financial

LPL Financial is one of the leading financial services companies and the largest independent broker/dealer in the nation as reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2017.For about four decades, the firm has served as an enabling partner, supporting financial advisors in their goals of protecting and growing their clients’ wealth.Today, we are speaking with John Mitchell. John Mitchell is a registered representative with, and securities are offered through LPL financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. 

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E19 – Bethany Bayless from Wanderlust For Less

Bethany Bayless is the founder of the blog Wanderlust For Less and has launched a new podcast, The Money Millhouse.Bethany’s blog tells all about how to travel on a dime- something that everyone wants to do, but struggle actually doing.

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E18 – Kristin Larsen from Believe in a Budget

Kristin Larsen is a full time blogger.Her blog Believe In A Budget was started in January 2015, when she shared her journey on saving money and getting out of debt by doing random paying jobs.With limited experience with blogging, she figured that if she could get one person to read her blog and help that person start a side hustle, her goal would be met. Now, Kristin is making thousands of dollars each month all thanks to her blog.Kristin runs a highly successful Pinterest course called Pinterest Presence which Katie is currently taking and highly recommends for anyone interested.

Welcome, Kristin!

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E17 – Renee Dunn from Amazi Foods

Amazi was officially founded in April 2016, but has been a dream for years. After studying in Uganda, the founder, Renee, was shocked by the high degree of entrepreneurship, but surprised by the endless piles of tomatoes, plantains, bananas going to waste- There was a lack of business growth, employment opportunities, and variety in product offerings.Renee was inspired by Issues of competition, huge food waste, and unemployment rates. She wanted to add value to natural resources – by providing growth avenues for entrepreneurs, the unemployed, and farmers.Katie heard Renee speak at the DC Start Up week a few weeks ago and thought your story was incredible. Your company makes plantain chips. For any listeners who don’t know what a plantain chip is- they look like a larger banana and you cut them to look like a chip.

Welcome Renee!

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E16 – Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial

Erin Lowry is an outstanding writer and is the author of Broke Millennial- stop scraping by and get your financial life together. She has countless blogs on her website that help the 20 and 30 somethings learn and plan for their financial future.Erin leads by example- telling you in detail all of her tips.

Welcome Erin!

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E15 – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone!Today we decided an episode with just myself and Katie would be appropriate as it’s thanksgiving.We’re currently in the middle of a financial decision ourselves and we thought we’d share it with all our Chainers to give people an idea as to how we discuss a financial decision.

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E14 – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner graduated college in 2010, then started worked as a financial analyst at a valuation and investment banking firm.She then went on to receive her MBA in 2012.Michelle decided to leave that life behind and is now a full time blogger and freelancer.Her website “Making Sense of Cents” has won more awards and mentions than can be named. She and her husband travel the country in their RV and wouldn’t have it any other way.She makes most of her money with her premium course, which I had the opportunity of creating a Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course review.

Welcome Michelle!

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E13 – Juliana Cardona Mejia from Street Entrepreneurs

Juliana Cardona Mejia is the founder of Street Entrepreneurs. A nonprofit organization in service of providing entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with practical knowledge and access to networks and start up grants.Juliana has worked tirelessly to grow her business from the ground up. She has worked to teach herself and others what it takes to be successfulWelcome, Juliana!

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E12 – Greg McBride from Bankrate is a one stop shop for financing. They offer services such that include personal finance loans, automobile loans, mortgages and credit cards.Today we are speaking with Greg McBride, a Chief Financial Analyst and a graduate from the University of Florida. He is the Senior Vice President for helps provide analysis and advice on personal finance. With two decades of experience in personal finance. He also has the ability to provide an in-depth interpretation and practical advice to listeners.Greg, hopefully you can help our Chainers out with planning for home buying and retirement.

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E11 – Elysia Stobbe from NFM Lending

Elysia Stobbe NMLS ID#: 146751 is a home loan originator from NFM Lending located down in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Buying a home is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life.As millennials start settling down and wanting to purchase homes with white picket fences and a golden retriever, there are a lot of questions lingering around in the backs of young professional minds.Elysia, hopefully you can share some knowledge and make this transition seem a little easier!

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E10 – Mary Wheeler from Abundant Wealth Solutions

Today’s guest Mary Wheeler is the master coach at Abundant Wealth Solutions. When I read her story, it reminded me of Katie’s student loan debt story and so many others.Mary went to Mississippi State University where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Marketing and upon graduating she had $27,000 worth of student loan debt.With this new debt, Mary decided to go back to school to earn the financial coaching designation and is super passionate about helping others dig their way out of student loan debt- the second highest contributor to the national debt crisis.Mary, thank you for being on the show and sharing your story.

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E9 – Elisa Bennaton from The Ministry DC

Elisa Bennaton is a young entrepreneur that is planning on opening in my opinion, the best duo- a coffee and wine bar named The Ministry DC, Located near the Chain of Wealth studio in Washington, DC!Welcome Elisa!

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E8 – Danielle Desir from The Thought Card

Danielle Desir is a travel enthusiast and a financial analyst and grant specialist by trade. She created where she shares tons of tips and tricks to find cheap travel discounts all while paying off debt.Danielle, welcome to the show. I’m excited to learn some of your tricks to all this travelling you do!

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E7 – Eric Rosenberg from Personal Profitability

Author of the “Personal Finance Arsenal: Tools to save money, time and headache” Eric Rosenberg is now a full time freelance writer and his work has been published in places like the Huffington Post, Business Insider and Investopedia.Before his days as a freelance writer, Eric worked in banking before quitting his day job and taking the leap to work for himself.

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E6 – Melanie Lockert from Dear Debt

Today we have one of our favorite bloggers on the show- A theatre student turned professional blogger, Melanie Lockhart and her blog is called Dear Debt.

On her blog, she writes some personal thoughts but she also invites others to write break-up letters with debt; something that most find liberating and esteem-building and liberating.

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E5 – David Weliver from Money Under 30

David founded Money Under 30 in 2006 as a way to document his efforts to pay off $80,000 of debt, and to provide a free resource to help young adults make financial decisions with confidence.

David is a graduate of Bates College and worked previously at SmartMoney Magazine in New York.

Welcome David!

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E4 – Brandon Krieg from Stash Invest

Hey Chainers and welcome to another edition of Chain of Wealth.

Today we have a special guest, Brandon Krieg, the CEO and co-founder of Stash Invest – an investing platform that has helped over 1.2 million people learn how to invest.

Learning how to invest in yourself is one of the hardest things we have to learn how to do.

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E3 – John Doherty from GetCredo

Today we have John Doherty, an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant.A graduate from James Madison University, located here in Virginia, he graduated in Technical and Scientific Communication as well as Online Publication in December of 2007.The founder of a company called Credo, a company to connect to other companies with the right agency or marketing consultant for their needs, John is also busy with freelance digital marketing consulting and an amazing photographer.

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E2 – Matt DeCoursey from Gigabook

A highly successful entrepreneur, Matt DeCoursey launched his first company in a spare bedroom in 2009. Using nothing but an AmEx card with an $8000 limit. Since then he has built companies that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Currently, Matt is the founder and CEO of GigaBook, a cloud-based appointment-booking platform.

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Jackie Ruka

E1 – Jackie Ruka from Get Happy Zone

Jackie Ruka is a life coach and Happyologist.

She is the founder of Get Happy Zone, Inc. and has been quoted or published in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Lioness Magazine for Female Entrepreneurs, Daily Worth, Fox5, NBC,, Health and Family, U-T San Diego, the San Barbara News-Press and SHRM, for her knowledge in business coaching, her ability to overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and her expertise in wellness, and leadership skills.

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