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E69 – Scott from I Dream of FIRE

Scott is the creator of the blog I Dream of FIRE- a personal finance blog dedicated to his journey down the road of financial independence and early retirement. Scott has recently started a mini-retirement in April and is working on creating amazing content for his blog. Welcome!

E66 – Chelsea from Mama Fish Saves

We are so excited for our guest today. We have Chelsea from MamaFishSaves! In case you don’t know, MamaFishSaves is a PF blog that talks all about budgeting, side hustle, kids- you name it. Recently she has been featured on the Modest Money Top Finance Blog list. Welcome Chelsea!

E65 – Monica Louie from Flourish with Facebook Ads

Monica Louie is a Facebook Ads Coach who works with dozens of entrepreneurs and some of the biggest names in the online space. She helps people who are looking to increase their sales, grow their online traffic and businesses through targeted Facebook Ads. Monica also has an amazing debt pay off story, tackling over $120k in 2 years with her husband on a single middle-class income. To document her journey, she originally had a Personal Finance blog which she has now sold to focus on her new business and online course called Flourish with FB Ads which Chain of Wealth recently joined. Welcome Monica!

E64 – AskAllea

Allea is a millennial who has paid off a huge amount of debt. She has documented the whole journey on her blog She is a passionate personal finance blogger who helps her readers develop a better relationship with money. Fun fact: she is from a teeny tiny town in Nebraska and she has no sense of smell. Welcome!

E63 – Jim from Route to Retire

Jim from Route to Retire is an aspiring early retiree with plans to take his family to move to Panama once he is retired from his IT job. Jim’s posts have been featured on sites such as Rockstar Finance and Modest Money- Top Finance Blogs. Welcome!

E61 – Simone from Slim Fit Wallet

Simone Dennis is the creator of the blog Slim Fit Wallet. Her story of paying off $80,000 in debt is truly inspirational. A neighbor to us over in Maryland, Simone is passionate about helping other people get out of debt and showing them how to start living on a budget. Welcome!

E60 – Matt from Spills Spot

Matt Spillar is the creator of Spills Spot, which started out as a place to create a portfolio for his writing. Once Matt got into the meat of the site however he realized that he wanted it to be much more and it has since has evolved into a full on personal finance blog where he inspires people to be more mindful in managing their money. Matt has managed to pay off over $40,000 of student loan debt in 4 years and loves inspiring others to do the same. He currently resides in the Bay area with his wife and two dogs. Welcome Matt!

E58 -Jay from Slowly Sipping coffee

Slowly Sipping Coffee or SSC is a personal finance blog run by a couple who are busy balancing family life, work life and blog life. They are on a quest to quit the 9-5 and have a lifestyle change to stay home and be full time parents by May of 2019. Welcome!

E57 – Matt Lane

Matt Lane is a the author of the blog, Optimize Your Life. As a part time blogger, and full time attorney, husband and new father, Matt’s goal is to help people learn that the purpose of money is to allow us to live a happier life, so we need to focus on the big picture of how to build that happy life rather than just focusing on the money and fun fact- we randomly found out we’re neighbors! Welcome!

E56 – Andrew from Shift Upwards

Andrew Fichter is the author of the blog, Shift Upwards. Here he talks about his unhappiness that he felt at his regular 9-5 and goes through the steps he took to eventually quit. After paying back $20,000 in student loans and saving about $45,000 he decided to take the plunge and retire from full time work to try out other avenues that peaked his creativity. Welcome!

E55 – Steve from Think Save Retire

Steve and his wife are early retirees at the age of 35. Steve realized late in his 20s that “stuff” was not going to bring him happiness and neither was slaving away at his 9-5. Now he travels full time in his airstream, named Charlie and enjoys the simple things in life. He is the creator of the blog Think, Save, Retire and there he offers his tips, tricks and advice to help motivate others to drop their commute and start enjoying life. Welcome, Steve!

E54 – Billy from Wealth Well Done

Billy is probably the most unique guest that we have had the pleasure of interviewing. His story starts at a party in college that lands him in prison for 10 years. Flash forward to now, Billy has a blog called Wealth Well Done, a book- SPARK, owns property, is married to a beautiful wife and has a net worth of over a quarter of a million dollars. Welcome Billy!

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