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E9 – Elisa Bennaton from The Ministry DC

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Elisa Bennaton is a young entrepreneur that is planning on opening in my opinion, the best duo- a coffee and wine bar named The Ministry DC, Located near the Chain of Wealth studio in Washington, DC!

Welcome Elisa!

[1:13] Tell us something about yourself
·      Based in DC for 3 years
·      Originally from Honduras and Guatemala from way of London
·      Identified a fantastic opportunity for culinary and cultural product in DC

[2:12] Have you always felt like you were an entrepreneur? What made you decide to take the leap?
·      Timing was always a hindering factor
·      After doing a masters course in entrepreneurial management, that confirmed the passion.

[3:12] If you could go back and tell a younger version of yourself something, what would it be?
·      Budgeting is crucial
·      Work experience, do what you believe in don’t let your lack of experience hinder you.

[5:29] Where did the idea for a coffee/ wine bar come from?
·      Foodie at heart
·      Background in culinary arts and hospitality
·      Lots of similarities between the two

[7:50] What has been the biggest challenge in starting your own business? How have you overcome the hurdle?
·      Resources – finding the right information that will help you with regards to compliance & financing.
·      Keep moving forward and don’t dwell too much on something.

[9:9] Funding- how did you manage to pay for supplies needed?
·      Family & Few friends
·      Explore banks, especially community banks (but there’s always a catch)
·      Don’t under estimate startup expenses, there are always things you can’t anticipate

[11:43] What has been your greatest moment of success? Failure?
·      Obtaining recognition.
·      Social media followers.
·      It’s all about having the right team with you.

[12:41] What do you know today, that you wish you would have known when you first started as an entrepreneur?
·      Never underestimate when you are told to double the amount of time and money that you will need.
·      Somethings are completely out of your control

[13:42] What do you do to keep yourself charged up, even when you’re burned out feeling?
·      Wine
·      Exercising
·      Music
·      Friends


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[15:55] Why do you think people fail at achieving their goals?
·      Goals are not clear, people don’t figure out how to achieve their goals

[15:55] What books or other podcasts do you recommend to our listeners?
·      Book: Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
·      Book: I Am Malala
·      Book: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

[16:53] What is the best advice someone ever gave you?
·      Make it happen

[17:3] What is your favorite word or quote?
·      Carpe Diem
·      Whoever saves a life saves the world

[17:29] How can we get hold of you?
·      Twitter: @theministryDC
·      email: [email protected]

[17:55] One last piece of advice for our listeners?
·      Do what you love, don’t listen to other people’s opinions

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