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E4 – Brandon Krieg from Stash Invest

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Hey Chainers and welcome to another edition of Chain of Wealth.

Today we have a special guest, Brandon Krieg, the CEO and co-founder of Stash Invest – an investing platform that has helped over 1.2 million people learn how to invest.

Learning how to invest in yourself is one of the hardest things we have to learn how to do.

[1:31] Tell us about your personal life.
·      2 kids- 3 year-old and 4 year-old
·      Went to culinary school
·      Loves the Rangers hockey team

[2:9] Where did the idea for Stash Invest come from?
·      Non-finance friends asked about investing
·      People want to do but overwhelmed with fear and not understanding how

[3:56] If you could go back in time and give the 18-year-old version of yourself one piece of advice what would it be and why?
·      Saved more money
·      Gone out less

[4:58] Give us some insight into what you or your company does.
·      Mobile app
·      Can start with $5
·      Customer gets a financial education
·      Can save for retirement

[8:12] If listeners want to get some help in investing their money, how much are fees to help get them started?
·      No shenanigan fees
·      $1/ month for accounts with less than $5,000
·      Free to move money around or close an account

[9:28] Is the money that is invested protected?
·      Registered investment advisor
·      Accounts opened in people’s names
·      FDIC accounts
·      All safeguards are in place

[10:28] What is the best strategy to start investing?
·      Don’t start with a lump sum
·      Invest a little bit every week

[12:41] For our listeners that don’t know, what exactly is a dividend?
·      When a company makes a profit and distributes the profit to shareholders
·      Mostly paid quarterly

[13:30] What is the tax difference between getting a dividend or receiving interest?
·      See your accountant


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[14:37] Why do people fail?
·      In business: stop listening to customers
·      In life: they stop listening

[15:42] What books or other podcasts do you recommend to our listeners?
·      Book- Lean Startup

[16:26] What is the best advice someone ever gave you?
·      Don’t be a shmuck, you’re wasting all your money

[17:7] Is there any last piece of knowledge that you can share with our listeners when it comes to investing their money?
·      Start investing
·      You don’t need to be rich to invest

[17:50] What is the best way to get in touch with you?
·      Email: [email protected]
·      Website:

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