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E6 – Melanie Lockert from Dear Debt

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Today we have one of our favorite bloggers on the show- A theatre student turned professional blogger, Melanie Lockhart and her blog is called Dear Debt.

On her blog, she writes some personal thoughts but she also invites others to write break-up letters with debt; something that most find liberating and esteem-building and liberating.

[1:20] Please tell us some more about yourself.
·      $81,000 in student loan debt
·      In 2011 couldn’t find a job

[4:22] If you could go back and tell your 18- year old self anything, what would it be?
·      Don’t go to a private school
·      Too big of a bill

[5:5] On your page, I read that people who die by suicide are 8 times more likely to be in debt. Can you explain a little bit more about maybe some warning signs to be on the look-out for? And some resources to help people?
·      Kept getting suicide surge traffic
·      Debt is not a death sentence- you are worth more than your debt
·      National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Text 741741
·      Don’t be afraid to ask for help

[9:35] You could create a blog on any topic, why choose debt?
·      Obsessed with my debt
·      Blog was accountability

[10:43] What are some of the most interesting or inspiring debt stories that you have had on your blog from people?
·      Some are funny
·      Some are heartbreaking
·      Creates a community for support

[12:21] How often do you publish people’s stories?
· -> contact page

[12:39] You said that you normally have about 6 or 7 side hustles going on- what have you done?
·      Writer
·      Editor
·      Pet sitter
·      Event assistant
·      Social media marketer
·      Brand ambassador
·      Mother’s helper

[14:15] You are also a freelance writer- how did you get started on that?
·      Started blogging
·      Networking with other bloggers


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[17:35] Why do you think people fail at reaching their goals?
·      Mindset
·      Money limitations
·      Lack of risk taking
·      Excuses

[20:47] What books or other podcasts do you recommend to our listeners?
·      Podcast: Martinis and your money
·      Books: Think and Grow Rich & Your money or your life

[21:32] Best advice someone has ever given you?
·      Be consistent

[22:21] What’s your favorite quote?
·      I did not get this far, just to get this far

[23:4] How can people get in touch with you?
·      Website:
·      Twitter: @deardebtblog
·      Book: Dear Debt: A story about breaking up with debt

[23:21] What is some last advice for listeners before we go?
·      All of this is a journey, you don’t have to do everything perfectly

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