Chain of Wealth

Nice To Meet You!

So, who are we?

Chain of Wealth was created from what started as a simple conversation between Katie and Denis about finances.

“We created Chain of Wealth to document Katie’s Debt Payoff Story and as a way to inspire others to do the same.”

After paying off $200,000 in less than 2 years, we inspire others to achieve their financial dreams by creating easy to understand resources that make talking about money a fun topic.

We run a podcast which boasts over 30,000 300,000 downloads in 1.5 years.

Our Financial Milestones

Where To Next?

During the process of Katie’s debt payoff, Denis and Katie have interviewed over 100 guests on the podcast and have become personal finance experts having been featured on major media outlets.

We use our influence to provide actionable tips to our fans and encourage them to achieve financial greatness!