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E1 – Jackie Ruka from Get Happy Zone

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Jackie Ruka is a life coach and Happyologist.

She is the founder of Get Happy Zone, Inc. and has been quoted or published in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Lioness Magazine for Female Entrepreneurs, Daily Worth, Fox5, NBC,, Health and Family, U-T San Diego, the San Barbara News-Press and SHRM, for her knowledge in business coaching, her ability to overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and her expertise in wellness, and leadership skills.

[1:39] 1. Tell our listeners a bit about yourself and your family?
• I am a Happyologist, that works with women to focus on their passion. I live in a beach town living a dream life, I’m an outdoors person, like to write, surrounds myself with family and I work with children with learning disabilities.

[2:55] 2. Being a “Happyologist” sounds great! Tell us, how did you get started?
• I did not come up with the term, positive psychology research- people who are stressed less when they focus on what they love.

[4:49] 3. Give us some insight into what you or your company does.
• It is a lifestyle company. We help people go from stress to success. Create a lifestyle around your business.

[5:55] 4. In you book “Get Happy and create a kick butt life” you say “turn worry into happiness”, can you explain what you mean?
• When people worry, they focus on the problem and not the solution. There is a solution to every problem.

[6:26] 5. As a woman entrepreneur, what were some of the financial risks you have had to take?
• Everyone has a different leap of faith. I transitioned to entrepreneurship from my regular day job and I hired a business coach. I also put myself on a budget so I didn’t have to go into debt.

[7:50] 6. You attended Drexel University as well as Roger Williams University, what advice do you have for people who are looking to further their education, but are turned off by not wanting to take out more student loan debt?
• If there is an opportunity to go further, there are schools that offer cheaper tuition if you live in that state. There are also loans that are forgiving. Or there are regular student loans and you just pay them off. Focus on making it happen and you will find a way. There are also grants that can help pay your tuition. There are lots of avenues.

[5:55] 7. Being financially bogged down can do harm to a person’s well-being, what advice do you have for our listeners who are feeling this way?
• My number one advice, when you focus on your desires, your fears will fade. If you are not doing what you love, you’re just creating more stress. Make a list of things that are important to you.


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[11:41] 1. What books or other podcasts do you recommend to our listeners?
• Books: Think and grow rich
• Podcast: Chain of Wealth

[11:59] 2. What is the best advice someone ever gave you?
• Focus on your true heart’s desire.

[12:22] 3. What is your favorite word or quote?
• Look up because the stars are hidden in your heart.

[12:44] 4. What last parting advice do you have for someone trying to get out of debt?
• Don’t try to do everything by yourself- learn from others.
• As far as getting out of debt- there are organizations to help you consolidate your debt.
• Never feel like your alone- build your support team. You will get ahead.

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