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E18 – Kristin Larsen from Believe in a Budget

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Kristin Larsen is a full time blogger.

Her blog Believe In A Budget was started in January 2015, when she shared her journey on saving money and getting out of debt by doing random paying jobs.

With limited experience with blogging, she figured that if she could get one person to read her blog and help that person start a side hustle, her goal would be met. Now, Kristin is making thousands of dollars each month all thanks to her blog.

Kristin runs a highly successful Pinterest course called Pinterest Presence which Katie is currently taking and highly recommends for anyone interested.

Welcome, Kristin!

[1:29] Tell us a bit about yourself?
·       Started blog in 2015
·       Wanted to make more money online

[2:16] If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
·       Wake up call about money during the recession
[2:58] What is the biggest money mistake you’ve made?
·       Always been good with money
·       Wished saved more earlier on
·       Budget better

[3:46] Which one of your blogs is your favorite? Why?
·       Published my first income report
·       Made $60

[4:44] You offer courses on your website- can you tell us about them?
·       Side Hustles to Success
·       Pinterest Presence- Katie is taking this one… it’s great!
·       Become a Pinterest VA Today

[7:2] You have quite a list of side jobs you’ve done in the past. Which was the most fun?
·       Pet sitting
·       Dog walking

[9:28] What was your most difficult time when learning how to blog?
·       How to use time wisely

[10:20] What advice do you have for anybody thinking to start a blog?
·       Anyone can start but you need patience to keep going
·       Be patient with yourself
·       It’s not a get rich quick thing
·       Reach other to other bloggers


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[11:47] Why do you think people fail at achieving their dream?
·       People can’t see long term results
·       Put in time and effort

[12:21] What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
·       If you want something, you have to ask for it.

[13:19] What other podcasts or books do you recommend?
·       Podcast: The Bobby Bones Show
·       Book: Ten percent happier

[14:36] What is a quote you try to live by?
·       Grace not perfection
·       Rules are for suckers

[15:30] How can our listeners get in touch with you?
·       Website:
·       Twitter: @believeinbuget
·       Facebook: Believe in a Budget

[15:48] Any last advice?
·       Be kind to yourself

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