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College is awesome.

Then you grow up and start your new life with a ton of debt.

We paid off $38,000 of student loan debt in less than 2 years and we want to help you pay off your loans too.

Student loans don’t need to be a burden, with adequate planning you can get ahead of your or your children’s loans.

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120 Days

So, it’s been about four months since I have packed up my classroom library and left Florida to head to Virginia. So What Has Happened

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Student Loans Podcasts

E154 – Student Loan is Gone!

Today’s episode is a bit different because we have a special occasion to celebrate today. Katie’s student loan has been paid off! Yes, you heard it right! Listen about her journey and on what she’s really been trying to achieve.


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Travis Hornsby is the chief student loan planner at He started started Student Loan Planner in October 2016 after helping his wife and her friends figure out their six figure student loans. Travis used to be a bond trader, so he took his excel heavy skill set and built models for how to save money paying back student debt.

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