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E99- Leif from Physician on FIRE

Today we have a legend in the personal finance space, Lief who started Physician on FIRE. PoF is a personal finance website created to inform and inspire both physicians and their patients with insightful writing from a physician who has attained financial independence and the ability to retire early.

E95- Philip Taylor from PT Money & Fincon

Philip Taylor, or commonly known only by his website as PT Money has been blogging about personal finance since 2007. He is also the founder of Fincon, the annual financial conference which boasts over 2,000 attendees which he started in 2011. Philip has both a flair for money, inspired by his father who is also a CPA, and a gift for writing which stems from his mother who was also a writer! Welcome!

E92-Couples Managing Money

As promised to be included in this series on retirement, here are facts that you need to know about Traditional and Roth IRA, as the two most popular types of IRAs. Check this episode and learn more about your journey to financial freedom. Welcome!

E85 – Tonya from Budget and the Beach

Tonya is the author behind the PF blog Budget and the Beach which she started since her life turning point after losing her job and realizing the importance of learning how to budget her money. Flash forward a few years and she has been featured all over the place! Including Rockstar Finance, Lifehacker and Hello Giggles. Welcome!