E48 – David Auten & John Schneider from Debt Free Guys

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Today we have David Auten and John Schneider with us. David and John run the popular personal finance blog, Debt Free Guys. They have written for Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Business Insider, MSN Money, Time and many more. They have also been featured in media such as Market Report, NASDAQ, Christian Science Monitor and others. When David and John met, despite having a combined 13 years of financial services they had a combined $51,000 of credit card debt.

[3:8] How long did it take you guys to pay off your $51k credit card debt & how did you pay it off?
·       About 10 years ago
·       Realized it needed to be paid off
·       Friends were passing them by
·       Lived in a basement apartment
·       Itemized all expenses
·       Shifted spending habits
·       Debt lasso

[3:30] What creature comforts did you have to cut back on?
·       Wine drinking
·       Lots of little things
o    Cut cable

[15:29] On your website, you point out that you guys are the only queer couple in the personal finance blogging niche- if any, what obstacles have you had to overcome?
·       Tons!
·       Created a market
·       Growing a community

[17:47] What are some of your favorite topics to cover?
·       Give a rounded experience
·       Talk about mentality/ lifestyle
·       Travel
·       Budgeting

[18:48] What are some areas you are trying to raise awareness for?
·       To provide help to yourself then to others
·       Take financial situation earlier
·       Airbag on the airplane analogy
·       You can give back when you aren’t broke

[22:40] What is it like to be a couple as well as business partners?
·       We love it
·       Wanted to spend more time together
·       Times when you can pick each other up
·       Commiserate together


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[27:27] Why do you think people fail at achieving their dreams?
·       People haven’t decided what their dream is

[28:27] Do you have a favorite book and podcast you can recommend?
·       Podcast: Queer MoneySean Croxton’s quote of the day

[29:22] Do you have a favorite quote you like to live by?
·       “No one drifts to success”
·       “Be thankful for what you have, you’ll have even more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”

[30:41] Do you have any final parting piece of advice for our listeners?
·       No one ever gets rich living beyond their means

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