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E163- Travel Hacking with Credit Cards

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With summer finally here, we decided to dive into an episode all about travel hacking! If you become effective at travel hacking you can get free trips.

[2:20] Do you want to share a few places you’ve traveled to

  • London
  • FLorida
  • Free hotel stay in Times Square New York
  • Half a free flight

[3:3] You need to be paying your credit cards off in full

  • Listen to episode 161

[4:0] How many credit cards do you have?

  • Amex, Barclay Card, Chase, etc.
  • About 10 credit cards in total
  • They are all used for very different reasons, as an example, Denis earns 6% cash back on groceries

[5:48] What are your favorite credit cards?

  • Amex Cash Back Preferred- 6% cash back on groceries and 3% back on groceries
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve- great for travel in general. It does carry a high annual fee but if you’re a big traveler it’s great, good sign on bonus.
  • Amazon

[10:4] Any spending on Amazon you should definitely make sure you’re earning good points. The uber credit card is also great because it gets 3% cash back.

[13:18] A great general credit card is the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

If you’re interested in the Chase card, check out this chase offer.

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