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E22 – Ruby Escalona from A Journey We Love

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Ruby is the main blogger of the website, “A Journey We Love” that she documents achievements with her husband, Peter. Ruby loves travel hacking, finding deals, and thinking of ways to save money!

Originally from the Philippines, she moved to the USA to pursue an employment opportunity. She now lives in Jacksonville, Florida and has been to more than 20 countries and 16 US States. She has also backpacked around South East Asia.

She hasn’t quit her job to pursue her passions– yet. That will happen once she reaches financial independence.

Welcome Ruby!

[4:16] Tell us a bit about yourself

• Lives in Jacksonville, Florida
• From Philippians

[5:12] So you haven’t quit your day job yet, what do you do?

• Accountant

[5:27] If you could go back in time, what is one financial mistake that you wish you could take back?

• Trip to Hong Kong

[7:17] You published on your website “A journey we love” that you and your husband, Peter have reached a net worth of a quarter of a million dollars. What did you do to achieve this?

• Paid off student loans
• Maxed out 401K, Roth IRA and HAS
• Invested in Vanguard funds
• Stock/bond mixture
• Airbnb hosting

[8:46] What is your next goal?

• Have financial independence

[9:21] Do you purely save? Or do you invest? If so, where?

• Saving- 6 months in emergency funds in bank account
• Investing- max out Roth IRA and 401k

[11:52] What is the next thing you plan on doing on your bucket list?

• Swim with sharks
• Swim with manatees

[13:12] How did you save $6,500 on traveling last year?

• Airline points
• Hotel points
• Take turns on getting credit cards and getting bonus


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[16:24] Why do you think people have a hard time achieving their goals?

• Don’t have set goals
• Write it down

[17:32] Do you have any books or podcasts that you recommend?

• Podcast: Afford Anything
• Books: Rich dad, poor dad

[19:24] What is your favorite quote?

• Live life to the fullest

[20:15] How can our listeners get in touch with you?

• Facebook- a journey we love
• A journey we love 
• Twitter- a journey we love

[20:42] Any last advice?

• Have a goal in mind

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