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E121 – Start a Personal Finance Blog

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Today we will talk about starting your own financial blog.
There’s a lot people who are interested to learn about personal finance, so starting a personal finance blog is a very good idea.

[2:48] You want to reach your goal?
The best way to reach it is to write it down.
While working out on reaching your goals, write your thoughts and ideas and things that you learn to keep track of what you have been doing so far in getting your goals.

[3:47] Mega-guide in starting your own blog
You can check out Pete from “Do You Even Blog?” at
See other people’s blog about personal finance and make that as your motivation

[5:3] Best part about blogging
Katie keeps track of how much debt she has and updates the “About Us” page of
This is one of her motivations and everyone can always see that achievement
Start saving and get ahead of your financial debts

[7:9] Paying your debts
When you consistently paying off your debts, it gets easier as times goes on.
The amount of interest you pay on a monthly basis decreases every month and you can really knock out of balance quick and easy.
Connecting with other bloggers gives you the opportunity to learn from them.
It’s really very helpful when you see what other bloggers are doing and apply the learnings you get form them.

[10:20] Learn from joining different communities
Other people take home equity and make bulk payments
Denis enjoys attending to FinCon – Financial Conference for financial bloggers, content producers, influencers etc.
Having online friends is as important as real-life friends

[12:23] Blog loosely
Start a podcast and reach out to other people
Getting involved and being surrounded by people that have similar aspirations is really important

[12:23] Takeaways
Write down what you are trying to achieve
Make friends with people who are trying to do the same

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