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E117 – #MyJunk

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Have you ever bought something that you thought was amazing and you only used it one time?
We want to talk about all the junk you’ve accumulated in so many years and what you should be doing with it.

[2:43] Problem with hoarding
Denis used be a complete electronics nerd.
He literally buys the latest gadgets in the market and they become junk after a couple of use.

[5:25] Understanding the value of your time
When you buy something, do you really need that stuff you are buying?
It not just the price that you see but it’s actually the amount the you are spending because that’s lost income down the road.

[8:36] Manage and identify your stuff
You have tons of things that are just sitting around and collecting dust.
What should you be doing with all of that junk? Sell them!
If you sell stuff and turn it over, you’ll get your money back.

[10:49] Trade-in your old gadgets
You can monetize and get your money back by trading-in your old stuff in stores.
For example like if you bring an old iPhone to an Apple store, very often they’ll offer you a discount off of a new purchase.

[11:23] Tweet us by using #myjunk
Let us know how you managed to get your stuff out and how you monetized them.

[11:46] Curation Assistance?
Need help with youy income issues?
Check out Stephonee by going to

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