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Today we have Mr. & Mrs. WOW from the quirky and fun pf blog, Waffles on Wednesday.

Here is where they talk about everything from saving for retirement, awesome trips they’ve taken and sharing a piece of their story with the world!


[2:43] So, first- the name. where did you think of it?
·       Tons of families sit on the weekend and make a breakfast
·       They decided on the name as they would love to be able to have Waffles on Wednesday
·       This has become a thing in the PF community- people tweet them pictures J

[6:10] You recently went to South Africa! What did you think of it?
·       Quite an experience
·       Got caught off-guard a lot
·       Similar to SF in quite a few respects
·       Recent history was quite intense

[14:50] What is your plan to finding financial independence?
·       FIRE bloggers that never had a set retirement/FIRE date
·       Made small changes to savings and spending
·       Being super passionate about careers change your perspective, Mrs. WOW loves what she does

[19:32] Do you have a favorite post you have written? Why?
·       Article they collaborated on- took a rap song and made it FIRE
·       Was created for themselves not the readers

[23:9] If you could go back and tell your younger self something- what would it be?
·       Mr. WOW- Before discovering FIRE- would have started earlier, also bought an expensive car.
·       Mrs. WOW- Pay attention to not assuming “Everything will be ok” – tracking expenses are so important.


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[29:24] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dream?
·       Mr. WOW- People struggle to detach the current state to the future state
·       Mrs. WOW- People don’t believe in themselves

[32:39] Do you have any favorite books or podcasts?
·       Podcast: Countdown to FI
·       Podcast: Mr. Groovy’s

[35:16] Do you have a favorite quote?
·       When you are in a hole stop digging
·       The best time to plant a tree is 10 year ago and the second best time is today

[34:48] Any last advice?
·       Great waffle recipe on the website
·       Personal finance is personal – find what works for you

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