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E144 – Rob of Getting Canned

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Rob is an experienced investor in his early 40’s that is looking to pursue financial independence. He has some entrepreneurial experience, real estate experience, loves world travel, food, and computers. After finishing up at his latest contract office job, he moved to Taiwan to pursue a life with more freedom. He blogs at


[3:25] Your blog was created as a result of you losing your job. Can you walk us through where you were in your life and how you felt when you got fired?
●      Got a great performance review but ended up getting pushed out of his job after 4 years after the financial crisis
●      Rob had recently found financial independence so it was a natural fit

[5:4] You’ve been working in Asia quite a bit lately, what has living there taught you about money specifically with regards to how money is handled differently to what you were used to in the United States?
●      After wrapping up latest contract gig, rob packed up his two bags of luggage and went over
●      So many things got cut out when he lived over to Asia
●      One of the biggest things he got rid of was his car- it’s actually a very expensive asset to have.
●      The geo-arbitrage is quite intense, it’s a lot cheaper overseas.

[9:53] How are you making ends meet? You mentioned in your email to use that you are freelancing?
●      It’s been a long journey, Rob has 2 condos rented out in the US
●      Background as a system analyst
●      Teaching english is a nice thing to have in your pocket as well
●      Hours are very different to a 40 hour work week

[12:15] I’m not going to lie, Asia is very very far away to the US- what ultimately made you decide to go to Asia and what were the steps you took to get there? Had you been there before?
●      Original time going out was desperation
●      Unemployed for 2 years -Rob was desperate to find work
●      Chance encounter by meeting a random stranger at a party who has recently gone over
●      Rob decided there weren’t many option for him at the moment so he asked a ton of questions and found out the requirements weren’t all that high


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[14:42] What is your saving or retirement plan?
●      Saved up enough that the bare minimum needs are met
●      Eventually get social security
●      Lived a pretty frugal lifestyle in the US- but in Asia you can get by on much less. Living costs changed from over $2,000 a month to about $1,500 a month.

[18:50] Do you have any other books or podcasts you can recommend?
●      ChooseFI
●      The FI Show

[19:31] Favourite quote you like to live by?
●      I’m rich not because of all my possessions but my lack of wants

[19:59] Parting piece of advice?
●      Don’t spend more than you can afford, index funds are the way to go.

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