E86 – Everything you should do with your student loans

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[4:40] Planning for College
Prepaid programs are available
CollegeBacker is a great resource
Scholarships are available you just need to do your research
529 plans should be taken advantage of
Small amounts make a massive difference
Community College is also a great option for people trying to save money

[7:19] Getting financing whilst in college
Federal & public financing is available
Scholarships – different grants are available
Getting your employer to pay for your schooling even if you don’t have amazing grades
Where there’s a will there’s a way

[9:11] How to Consolidate
Consolidate = mushing all your loans together in a single interest rate
Lots of financial institutions can help you with consolidating
You can only do consolidating once but only after you finish studying
Much easier to manage

[10:42] Why you should refinance
If you have a high interest rate on a loan- your loan can get bought out by another bank of financial institution
Works out cheaper for you as it gets you a lower interest rate
Works for all kinds of debt- great to take advantage of when rates go down in the general economy

[13:11] The problem with deferring your loans & minimum payments
People do this because they don’t have the money and you gotta do what you gotta do
However, don’t make it a habit!
You don’t want to pay minimums because in the long run you end up owing a ton more.
Your student loans will end up increasing in value

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