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E33 – Benjamin Huber from Breaking The One Percent

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Benjamin Huber and his co-founder Jeffrey Proctor are two young entrepreneurs sharing what they’ve learned along the way about money, investing, and business.

From simple side hustles, to full-fledged startups, to building a solid investment portfolio, Breaking The One Percent is all about giving you the tools and insights to break through and start earning real money.

Welcome Ben!

[3:31] You talk about making extra money a lot in your blog, Breaking the One Percent. Where did the idea for your blog come from?
·      Not the original idea, the first project stemmed from the first project
·      Different backgrounds that had nothing to do with business – science majors
·      Jeff was originally earning $8/hr with a bachelor’s degree.
·      Interest was mutual in trading stocks
·      Fed up with life so decided to try a new website, VTX Capital
·      Website didn’t do that well but taught essential lessons needed to make it successful

[10:53] Starting a blog can be hard and a lot of people start and end up quitting because they don’t see the results they want. What has been a fundamental strategy to get additional traffic and not lose sight of your end goal?
·      Started like everyone else
·      Tried to do stuff their own way, one key strategy was it’s ok to seek out those who have come before you that have already found success
·      Try identify what makes other successful
·      Pinterest was an early find and acquired traffic

[16:9] You have managed to garner an incomprehensible amount of buzz on Pinterest in a really short time. First, congratulations! Second, can you tell us your secret?
·      You can quickly scale on Pinterest due to group boards
·      You have access to the followers of people who own the group board

[19:39] You made a course, that Katie and myself have taken because we heard so many great things about it from our Rockstar Finance forum group. Tell us your 60 second elevator pitch about The Perfect Pin.
·      Discovering what stands out and pops out on people’s newsfeeds
·      Quality is everything – engagement is essential.
·      Create great pins that create traffic

[22:16] You, like a lot of other bloggers publish your income reports online. First, why do you think it’s important to do this? What sort of growth are you hoping to achieve for this new year?
·      Newer thing – last 5 to 10 years
·      Accountability
·      Sales pitch
·      Better reports will unlock value for people


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[26:59] Why do you think people fail at reaching their dreams?
·      People are not equipped with the right skillset to tackle their dreams
·      There is a steep learning curve between discovering how to create a blog vs monetizing it

[29:26] What other books or podcasts are you into now?
·      Podcast: Pete McPherson –
Do you even blog

[31:55] Do you have a favorite quote?
·      5am,the hour when legends are either waking up,or going to sleep

[33:49] Where can we find you?
·      Private facebook group

[34:41] Any last advice?
·      Constantly sit back and reflect on what is and is not working and be willing to change

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