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E27 – CJ Cato from Vow Of Practicality

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CJ Cato is the founder of the blog Vow Of Practicality.

Located in Austin, Texas he has a background as a financial analyst and a grant writer.

Welcome CJ!

[2:45] Tell us a bit about yourself
·       Lives in Austin, Texas
·       Married with 2 boys

[3:37] What is the biggest money mistake you have ever made?
·       Co- owned a gym
·       Life style creep

[8:4] Where did the idea for your blog, Vow of Practicality come from?
·       Saw how hard people can live in other countries
·       Family on street story
·       Wanted to put happiness into perspective

[11:41] What is your favorite blog post?
·       Most popular posts have characters
·       Imaginary characters are interviewed

[13:2] What advice would you give someone who is trying to pay off debt?
·       You have to have a plan


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[16:25] Why do you think people fail at reaching their dreams?
·       Because they are afraid of failing

[18:35] What is your favorite quote?
·       “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to start to be great.” -Les Brown

[19:24] Do you have any other podcasts or books to recommend?
·       Books: Richest man in Babylon
·       Podcasts: Side Hustle NationBaldThoughts.comPersonal Profitability

[21:28] How can listeners reach you?
·       Twitter

[21:48] Any last advice?
·       A life without perusing your dreams isn’t really a life.
·       Go after your dreams

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