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E26 – Stephen Rischall from 1080 Financial Group

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Today we are talking to Stephen Rischall from 1080 Financial Group. Stephen began learning to invest at the age of thirteen.

In college, he helped manage the University Corporation Student Investment Fund while starting his career in financial services.

Stephen is an award winning financial adviser and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Investment News.

Welcome, Stephen!
[3:40] Tell us a little about yourself.
·       Dad would tell stories about investing
·       Started investing in cool companies at a young age

[4:59] Have you made any financial mistakes?
·       Over confident in investing strategy
·       Spent money on silly things

[6:30] Let’s talk about 1080 Financial. Where did the idea come from?
·       Mom was victim to fraud
·       Wanted to help people

[9:30] What was the biggest struggle about starting out?
·       Taking the first leap
·       Establishing relationships
·       Trust is very important
[10:28] What is the most common money misconception your clients have?
·       It’s not how much money you make, rather how you save it and spend it
·       “Some day” syndrome
[11:34] What services do you offer at 1080 Financial?
·       Make financial decisions in customer’s best interest
o   Employee benefits
o   Making budgets
o   Investment portfolios

[13:6] How much do your services cost?
·       No such thing as free investing

·       2 ways of compensation
o   Flat dollar amount (subscription based)
o   Flat percentage (highest fee- 1% annually)
[15:48] What is the average age range that you work with?
·       All ages
·       About 30% are young professionals and families

[16:53] What advice do you have for people who are starting to save a little later in their life?
·       Stop making excuses
·       Double down on savings


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Value Link Round

[18:43] Why do you think that people fail at achieving their dreams?
·       Treat them like dreams
·       Make SMART goals

[19:57] What other books or podcasts do you recommend?
·       Book: Thinking fast and slowIce Cream Maker
·       Podcasts: The entrepreneursthe Pitch

[20:49] What is the best advice that someone has given you?
·       Life isn’t fair. Tough. Deal with it.

[21:35] What is your favorite quote?
·       Were all sitting in the shade of a tree today, because someone planted the seed a long time ago- Warren Buffet

[22:14] How can listeners get in touch with you?
·       Reply to ALL messages
·       Facebook Friday 12:30 PT Live question/answer

[22:54] Any last advice?
·       There is always room for improvement.

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