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E203- Fincon 2019

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Denis O’Brien [0:37]
Welcome to Episode 203 – Fincon 2019. Hey money clan, a warm welcome to the Chain of Wealth podcast. I’m your host Denis O’Brien.

Katie Welsh [0:49]
And I’m Katie Welsh.

Denis O’Brien [0:50]
So Katie, today we’re gonna be chatting all about Fincon and a couple of takeaways.

Katie Welsh [0:55]
Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind of a week,

Denis O’Brien [1:0]
I won’t lie. I’m still tired thinking about it,

Katie Welsh [1:3]
I am so tired too. And not only am I tired, but I also somehow managed to get a little bit of a cold from it. So there’s really been a rough Fincon Hangover for me.

Denis O’Brien [1:44]
I mean, it’s bound to happen. But for those of you don’t know, Fincon is a financial conference that joins content creators and media companies so generally as people that have blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, Instagram things whatever it is, if you have any of those kind of things going on for your finances, then leaving some brands connecting with influencers and other like minded people is really cool. It’s been going a couple years and it is in its 9th year if I’m not mistaken now

Katie Welsh [1:44]
Going into its 10th.

Denis O’Brien [1:46]
Anyway, before we dive into today’s episode, if you guys haven’t already, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. It’s @chainofwealth on Instagram. We’d love if you would follow us and we’ll follow you back and let’s see what we’re all doing together. Alright Kate are you ready to dive on in?

Katie Welsh [2:1]

Denis O’Brien [2:2]
Fantastic. Let’s do it.

Voice Over [2:4]
Welcome to Chain of Wealth heres your host Denis inspiring you to begin your journey of financial freedom.

Denis O’Brien [2:18]
Alright Kate, so Fincon, the financial conference that every blogger podcaster youtuber whoever it is in the financial space looks forward to all year.

Katie Welsh [2:27]
Okay, hold on. Before we go any further, we need to clear one thing up. Fincon is not as dorky as it sounds.

Denis O’Brien [2:37]
Why do you think it sounds dorky?

Katie Welsh [2:40]
I say that because every person outside of the personal finance realm, like my mom, the first time I told her that I was going to Fincon.

Denis O’Brien [2:50]

Katie Welsh [2:50]
She was like, Who are you? What have you done with my kid? And then, Friday before I went to Fincon, I was asked by a co worker, she came like marching into my classroom, and she’s like, hey, I want to go to happy hour and I was like, Oh, I can’t have to go to DC. And she was like, Oh, I was like, No, but it’s gonna be cool. It’s, you know, I’m going to this conference for like, what I like to do in my real life, because I kinda keep you know, like, my teaching life and then my actual life, like two separate lives. And she was like, oh, okay, so like what so far and I was like, it’s called Fincon. And she was like, you could immediately see the judgment like come up on her face. And she was like, Fincon. There’s like extra for financial conference. And this second, I heard it come out of my mouth.

Denis O’Brien [3:44]
I mean, when you when you put it that way, it does sound really dorky.

Katie Welsh [4:16]
I was like, I’m not winning this at all. And then I was very going to our cars and everything she was like, so Fincon you like, she straight judged me. She’s like, you don’t know how to pay your bills. And I was like, No, that’s, you know, we talk more about like retirement, and 401K’s and Roth IRAs, and you know what to do with? If you have an emergency plan, and I heard the words coming out of my mouth, and

Denis O’Brien [4:16]
that’s not really what it is though.

Katie Welsh [4:17]
No, it’s not, but

Denis O’Brien [4:20]
You’re just sort of trying to justify not explain the whole blog podcast thing.

Katie Welsh [4:23]

Denis O’Brien [4:24]
Okay. Yes. So let’s take a step back. It’s actually about blogging and podcasting and content creation within the financial space. So basically what Kate and I do so,

Katie Welsh [4:34]
And learning how to make it all better.

Denis O’Brien [4:37]
Yeah. So it’s basically learning how we can produce better content for you guys, and how we can partner up with different brands to bring you guys offers that you wouldn’t ordinarily get.

Katie Welsh [4:47]

Denis O’Brien [4:48]
So yeah, it’s a really cool conference and couple cool takeaways that I had this year is, you know, you can make some serious money if you put a lot of time and effort into creating something that’s your own. And just to name a two of the really big sites that recently got sold, number one Jay money who has been blogging for over 10 years, he recently sold his side budgets are sexy, and I understand that he got a ridiculous amount of money for it.

Katie Welsh [5:14]

Denis O’Brien [5:15]
And theres the second site but also recently sold. It’s called Rockstar finance, which is actually turned over hands a couple times

Katie Welsh [5:22]
Which Jay money started

Denis O’Brien [5:23]
Jay Money did start , you’re correct.

Katie Welsh [5:24]
Jay money is like amazing.

Denis O’Brien [5:28]
Yeah, and I think when Jay Money sold it was, you know, low six figures and from what I understand the guy that he sold it to ESI money, I think he said he managed to triple what he wanted off it. So long story short, you can make a lot of money from blogging and content producing and creating your own thing. And Kate and I created Chain of Wealth as a platform to document our journey to pay off debt. So if you are in some sort of a financial spot where you need an outlet and you want to be held accountable, you know, content creation is definitely something you should be thinking about.

Katie Welsh [6:3]
And it’s a lot more fun than then what you might be thinking and if you’re driving to work right now, because I feel like most people listen to podcasts either on their way to work or on the way home from work. 90% of the time, I think you’re in a car while you’re listening to us.

Denis O’Brien [6:20]
For those who can’t see right now Kate’s waving her hand around backwards and forwards like basically simulating a commute.

Katie Welsh [6:30]
Thank you, I’m gonna]put my hand down now. So if you are thinking of two things, either I need to pay off this debt, and I need to be held accountable because I don’t really trust myself to stay committed to it, a blog or a podcast is a great way to do it. Secondly, if you’re looking for a long term, I’m going to really say that long term because nothing about blogging or podcasting is going to get you rich quickly. I know you probably see articles all the time, like I made six figures this month off of my blog, that blog, they’re not going to tell you is probably at least three or four years old and a lot of work has gone in behind it. But if you’re looking for a good side hustle that will bring you a lot of money later on. It’s also a really great thing to do and it doesn’t have to be personal Finance. So if you’re interested in something else, the best way to really learn a lot about it is to start writing about it and talking to people and you know, befriending people who are more experienced than you in a certain field.

Denis O’Brien [7:47]
Yeah, I totally agree. And Kate, you know, the thing is, like, one of the things that I like the most about going to Fincon and we’ve been twice we went to the one in Orlando in 2018 is the community and you know, it’s a very tight knit bunch of people. So I just want to say a very big shout out for Fincon community just like Thanks, guys for being awesome.

Katie Welsh [8:7]
Well. Yeah, that’s where we get a lot of our guests even because we have become friends with a lot of the other people who are in the personal finance space and the best people, a lot of times that we feel to ask questions to our the other bloggers and podcasters because they are so immersed into the world and alot of them do it full time.

Denis O’Brien [8:31]
Well, Kate, and you know, they’re also experts in this space as well, you know, someone that’s really specific to real estate for people in their 40s, who have a dog and two kids, you know, like, we will find that person that’s very specific and niche down in terms of what they know and what they do and what they they breathe in every day. You know. So bringing you content from specific people really helps the type of content we give you guys, on Chain of Wealth.

Katie Welsh [9:23]
Well, yeah, and if you guys do have like a specific kind of question, or you want to hear from a specific type of guest, let us know. Email us at [email protected] or on Instagram, or really trying to up our Instagram game.

Denis O’Brien [9:11]
Yeah, on Instagram. You can DM us it’s @chainofwealth Instagram.

Katie Welsh [9:15]
But let us know and we can definitely reach out and find people to ask those kind of questions for.

Denis O’Brien [9:23]
Kate real quick. Just before we dive into the second part of the interview. I just like to take a very quick break and say a very big thanks to our sponsor, are you struggling to get your money on track and don’t pay thousands of dollars to have an expert charge to teach you the Way, Kate and I recently started using an awesome app called a Savvi Financial Savvi Financial is created by a team of MIT trained data scientists. They’re the best at what they do. And they’ve created this app that connects to all of your different accounts, whether it’s a bank account, whether it’s a retirement account, whatever it is, it connects all and puts it all together as that you get one picture. In terms of where your finances are. Something that we like the most about Savvi Fi is it gives you a holistic view of your finances, and you’re able to plot out exactly what you want to achieve and the app gives you actionable steps to help you get there. If you’d like to check out more about Savvi Financial head on over to That’s SAVVI Savvi Financial can really help you get a grip on your finances. So definitely check out the link. All right, Kate, and we’re back. So chatting a little bit more about Fincon. Some of the other things that I really took away was, you know, a lot of people have started a podcast and I want to know what you think about that.

Katie Welsh [11:17]
About other people are starting a podcast or us having a podcast,

Denis O’Brien [10:52]
Other people starting a podcast,

Katie Welsh [10:54]
I think it’s fantastic.

Denis O’Brien [10:55]
I think that’s great as well because it’s a fantastic medium, you know, you’re able to express the way you feel. And you know, other people can tune into whatever station they want. You know, back in the day, it was just radio and there you were stuck and there only so many different choices these days. You can find exactly the type of people that you’re interested in. You can literally tune in for an hour a week or however long it is and your great.

Katie Welsh [11:17]
And I don’t want to completely down radio because I do enjoy listening to the radio as well. But I heard the same song three times today while driving either to or from work, and I listened to two podcasts, and that makes my commute sound like it’s really far does it kind of is I guess now that I think about it. But I listened to a podcast and then you know, I would turn over to the radio and then I would listen to another podcast. And then when I would go back to the radio, the same song would be on again.

Denis O’Brien [11:52]
It’s crazy. It’s all the same thing.

Katie Welsh [11:54]
And when you are songs out, a podcast is a great way to go. And you can choose from whatever topic you want. And it’s not all just personal finance podcast. There’s tons and tons of podcasts and everybody who has a personal finance podcast because that’s the people we were talking to. All of our podcasts were so different because a lot of the podcasts that I listen to were people who were there like Andy Hill with Marriage Kids and Money, or Bethany Bayless and Ellie K with the Money Milhouse, like I love both or podcast

Denis O’Brien [12:28]
Right and you got some meet them in person.

Katie Welsh [12:29]
So cool to get to meet them. And, you know, all three of our podcasts Chain of Wealth and there’s, we’re all so different. And we all talk about different topics, that there’s enough room for everybody.

Denis O’Brien [12:41]
Yeah, definitely. And Kate something else that’s really cool coming from the Fincon group. So they’re in, they’re 9th going on 10th year, they recently have announced that they’re going to be doing something called the financial freedom summit. So the financial freedom summit is really cool guys, you’re gonna it’s for people that don’t have a blog and don’t have a podcast, and they’re not going to teach you how to podcast, they’re going to teach you many topics. So Fincon, historically has always been for content creators and people that have got their, you know, their insights or whatever. However, the financial freedom summit is going to be for people that are just regular people, you know, trying to like make their retirement goals or pay off their car or whatever it is, you know, so it’s going to be available for everyone. It’s coming in 2020. And yeah, it’s put on by a great group of people. Fincon itself, I think this year there was 2500 Attendees. mistaken. So it’s a big event, you know, and if the financial freedom summit will be anything like Fincon will be, you know, even if it just gets a fraction of that all those amount of people, it’s still going to be really cool. And the nice thing is as well as that you’ll be able to meet content creators that you care about, because a lot of you know people from Fincon would be at this event to meet with their readership

Katie Welsh [13:55]
Well, and not only the content creators Den but also like other regular people who are going you’re going to have, you know, similar interests are looking into getting out of debt and saving for retirement and all of that great financial stuff. They’re going to be like automatic friends that you know, you already have something to talk about.

Denis O’Brien [14:15]
Yeah, and Kate, you know, we talk so often about how important it is to have an accountability buddy. You know, having that someone that you can just bounce ideas off and you can let them know that you made another debt payment or that you wants them close to retirement or You know, maybe you took a step backwards for whatever reason, like having someone that you can trust with your money is critically important.

Katie Welsh [14:36]
There’s just the one weird thing they’re done.

Denis O’Brien [14:39]
What’s weird?

Katie Welsh [15:9]
I don’t know, how can you talk to somebody about money in person first if you haven’t met them online first. Like, isn’t that where everybody meets people now?

Denis O’Brien [14:50]
Because everyone bought tickets online and now they’re meeting each other.

Katie Welsh [14:57]
Okay, fair enough.

Denis O’Brien [14:59]
Full Circle. Let’s say for example, you joined the chain of well, Facebook group, you met someone there, you’re both going then you did meet online.

Katie Welsh [15:6]
Exactly. I love this.

Denis O’Brien [15:9]
So yeah, definitely a very cool conference. But Kate, I think like to sort of, you know, wind it down and finish up on Fincon. I think going out to conferences and meeting people that are interested in topics that you’re interested in, is really, really helpful. Like you and I like arriving back home after Fincon. We had new ideas for the podcast. And you know, we decided that we’re going to be taking out Instagram game more seriously. So I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for, you know, going to event and hearing what other people are doing.

Katie Welsh [15:40]
And that’s true. Well, I have tried to do better with Instagram. It’s just, technology is hard for me. I’m not a surprise to anybody listening, who has listened before.

Denis O’Brien [15:51]
Yeah, you know, Right we’re, So something else we’re going to be doing is upping our email list as well, you know, we’re going to be sending out you guys much better emails, and trying to really, you know, cultivate our relationship with you guys that are on the list as well. You know, we’ve really been very bad in terms of both of those things. So we’re trying to get better. We’re trying to serve you guys better and make you understand stuff better and help bring you to your financial goals.

Katie Welsh [16:16]
I have a question for you.

Denis O’Brien [16:17]
What’s that?

Katie Welsh [16:18]
Did you just hold yourself accountable? Because now you threw that out there into the podcast-o-sphere.

Denis O’Brien [16:24]
Well, Kate, you know, that’s the beauty of having a podcast is that I can throw stuff out there. And my can be held accountable

Katie Welsh [16:30]
Now we have to do it we have to deliver.

Denis O’Brien [16:33]
We promised the entire world.

Katie Welsh [16:34]
I guess we better go start typing or emails.

Denis O’Brien [16:38]
Yeah, for sure. Just to close that full circle. Meeting people that are interested in what you are interested in is critically important. And if you can even just meet one person, that one person can change your life. Cool. Well, we would love to hear what you guys thought of today’s episode DM us it’s @chainofwealth. And if you guys want to actually subscribe rate and review us if you do do that, and you dm that to us, we will be giving away a free shirt to a lucky winner. So dm us]it’s @chainofwealth on Instagram and just took a screenshot of the review that you leave us whether it’s one star or five stars, whatever it is, we would love to get some feedback in terms of sharing how we can better serve you guys.

Katie Welsh [17:23]

Denis O’Brien [17:24]
We’ll catch you guys next time on another episode of Chain of Wealth.

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