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E162 Parker Graham from The Destiny App

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Parker is a former professional football player turned wealth advisor turned entrepreneur. Together with his friend and cofounder Jerry Workman, they created Destiny, an app aimed at helping millennials pay off their student loan and credit card debt as fast as possible.




[2:29] Tell us a bit about yourself- what’s your money story?

  • Played in the NFL, noticed that debt was creating a lot of problems with his friends.
  • Parker grew up at the poverty line and saw first hand what was happening.
  • Youngest advisor on a 7 billion dollar book of business company.

[3:57] How did you and Jerry come to create a student loan payoff app?

  • No experience in making apps and tech.
  • In 2016 Parker started reading  about the tech world and startups, it took about a year to understand everything.
  • He wanted someone who could help him build an app, which is where Jerry came in.
  • Jerry started coding it in his spare time.
  • Used to have a rigid schedule with a full family

[8:4] All new businesses have mess ups- what is one of the big ones that you have learned in creating Destiny?

  • Started building an app in September that they’re not building anymore – originally a fully loaded investment app
  • Started focusing on debt instead based on feedback with users

[14:43] Tell us the details- where can we find it? What do we need to know about it?

  • Still in a manual process, you enter all your information and the app calculates how much money it’s gonna save you
  • Most people saving about $3,600 in the first year
  • You don’t need to see any spreadsheets the app does it all in the background

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[22:12] What is your savings or retirement plan?

  • Feet first into entrepreneurship
  • All forces are pointed towards setting this up

[23:13] Do you have a favorite book?

  • Book: The Millionaire Next Door
  • Podcast: Dave Ramsey, Planet Money

[24:36] Favorite quote you like to live by?

  • Be bold, tweaks never change the world

[25:4] Any other parting piece of guidance?

  • Regardless of where you’re at, just start.

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