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E156 – Lily Nwora of Dresses and Dumbbells

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Lily Nwora is a personal trainer and founder of Dresses & Dumbbells have been featured on multiple news, media, and print outlets. Lily paid off $70,000 over 3 years and knocked out $40,000 in 2018 alone!


[2:48] Tell us a bit about yourself

  • Registered dietician and personal trainer and acquired some debt
  • Mainly student loans

[4:11] What financial hurdles are you most proud that you have overcome?

  • Lifestyle creep was hard when she started making money and wanted a big apartment
  • You’re (almost) always going to have some living above you so if it’s in an apartment building or basement, it doesn’t make much difference.

[10:41] What link do you see between physical fitness and financial fitness?

  • Consistency
  • Having a set plan
  • Setting a deadline
  • Putting in place a plan that you’ll actually stick to!

[13:46] What was you plan to pay off debt?

  • Lily didn’t make a plan and was enraged when she discovered how little went to her principal payments
  • Started listening to Dave Ramsey and started paying off extra each month (over 3 times!)

[18:6] Give us a 60 second elevator pitch about your workouts.

  • Platform to empower women to be strong and have a strong mindset

[25:22] Value link round: Want to lower the monthly interest off of your debts? Check out

[26:2] What does your saving and retirement plan look like?

  • Investing in a 401k and doing the match
  • Roth IRA
  • Saving 3-6 months of expenses as recommended by Dave Ramsey
  • Extra streams of income

[27:52] What are some favorite books you can recommend?

  • Podcast: Dave Ramsey Podcast
  • Book: First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson

[28:47] A favorite quote?

  • If you don’t ask you don’t get

[29:54] Parting piece of advice?

  • Just start, things are not going to be perfect

Start with a plan!

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