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E148 – Tailor-Made Budgets with Ericka Young

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Erika has gone from $100,000 of debt to debt free in 5 years! Her and her husband decided early on that it was time to take hold of their financial life together. After paying off her debt, she realized how passionate she is about helping people better their lives, thus Tailor Made Budgets was born!


[2:31] You have quite an interesting story when it comes to your personal life and debt. What position were you in? How did you work your way out of it?
●      Didn’t start at $100k, but Ericka got married young with about $65k worth of debt.
●      She and her husband started buying goods like cars, even though they weren’t unreasonable it pushed them over the edge.
●      After just over a year they realized how much debt they were in, especially with a new born baby.
●      Got a second job.

[10:18] Where do you see people, mostly millennials making their biggest mistakes? Not paying off debt? Not investing?
●      The amount of student debt that is allowed to be taken on and people actually take it on and not pay it off.
●      People don’t realize the impact of their debt

[18:0] So you and your husband paid off 100,000 worth of debt together- what advice do you have for anyone in a relationship or will be in one someday when it comes to working as a team and your money?
●      You won’t always see eye to eye.
●      Where do you want to be as a couple then figure out what you want to do.
●      Ericka and her husband decided they wanted to take charge as a couple together

[25:35] Go ahead and give us the 30 second elevator speech for tailor made budgets
●      Help couples get on the same page and achieve financial independence


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[26:49] What is your saving or retirement plan?
●      Long terms person- mutual funds
●      Accelerating the house payment plan (sell house to buy something cheaper for cash)

[28:10] Favorite Quote?
●      Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better
●      The best preparation for the future is the present well tended

[28:58] Parting piece of advice?
●      The finances are hard, be easy on yourself we all make mistakes

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