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E142 – Jason from The Wealth Hound

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Jason from The Wealth Hound is an aspiring entrepreneur, husband & father. He recently got out of the US Airforce and is a die-hard Michigan State fan. His blog is all about personal finance, investing and every day money tips.


[3:49] Let’s chat about your decision to start your blog, why another personal finance blog?
●      Always interest in personal finance & money management
●      Enjoyed learning about money and wanted to have somewhere to jot down his thoughts
●      Helping the everyday person learn about money

[5:5] Your post on inside the FIRE movement was a great read, can you talk a bit about your FI journey?
●      Not on the retire early track
●      Enjoying career
●      FI is definitely the goal
●      Always entrepreneurial minded- one Jason started making real money he realized he needed to look long term

[10:44] You also have a podcast, podcasting is a great tool to get in touch with inspirational people. Who would you say is a guest that you learned the most from or a guest that gave you the biggest take away?
●      Connecting with guests has been awesome, you develop friendships
●      Diana from Ms Fiology

[12:39] Money for members of the military can be slightly different to money for non-military members. Do you have a money tip for military members?
●      Start contributing as early as possible!


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[15:40] What is your saving or retirement plan?
●      Saving about 50% of joint income
●      Max out tax advantaged accounts

[16:50] Do you have any other books or podcasts you can recommend?
●      Stacking Benjamins

[17:49] Favorite Quote?
●      A lot of people miss out on opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work

[19:9] Parting piece of advice?
●      Take a serious look at your financial situations

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