E111- Investing in the Stock Market After a Crash

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[1:54] Why you should be investing in the market
Over a long period of time you should be investing because of compounding.
The power of constant reinvesting is your money will grow and will set you up for later in life.
Katie learned how much money she  would have if she just started with $100 a month

[7:14] Risk vs Reward
If you don’t take on risk you won’t reap any of the reward that comes with it
People always talk about how the stock market fluctuates but there are ways to add protection which we’ll cover in the next topic

[9:56] Importance of diversifying
It’s important to diversify within the asset class e.g. buying different stocks and not owning just one company, but then it’s also important to buy different asset classes as well such as bonds or real estate

[12:49] Market Risk
When big or small corrections happen you should ask yourself if you are too heavy in a particular asset class.
You are always going to have some exposure when you taken on risk

[15:31] What to do when the market goes down
You should buy!
It’s a long term game, the more you invest now the better you’ll be further down the line

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