E104- Hayk Tadevosyan

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Hayk Tadevosyan is an entrepreneur passionate about serving the community and inspiring others to reach their goals and aspirations. Hayk has successfully coached and developed many business owners, aspirants and team members on replicable systems and processes of entrepreneurship and personal success.


[3:29] What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Don’t eat breakfast, Hayk believes in intermediate fasting
Our stomachs are not meant to be full all the time

[7:27] You immigrated to the United States in July of 2001, during which time you had to to learn a new language and culture, what were those early days like starting from the beginning?
Second time moving and going through post traumatic stress
He had to move to Russia originally and stood out like a sore thumb
Went to 8 schools in a few years, had to adapt and make new friends

[11:37] You are a real estate investor and you also run an insurance agency and have been involved in other businesses; how important do you think it is to have multiple sources of income?
Got involved in Amway early on, you want to have 3 sources of income:
Passive, Residual and Hard Income
Got inspired from a girlfriend’s father who was in the insurance business
Opened up business at 21 years old
First few years you work your butt off

[15:32] Looking back at what you’ve done, is there anything you would do differently now?
Look at adversity as a good thing
When you hit rock bottom you make the best decisions

[18:26] You just published a book, tell us a bit about Mind Control 14 Principles of Achieving the American Dream.
Started writing a diary when Hayk was exercising
Woke up early and started editing it, eventually approached Inspire Nation to do the editing
Book is about establishing balance in life, just because you are rich doesn’t mean you’re happy
Family, Fitness, Finances & Friendship- get 25% of each, you need to find a balance.


[25:2] Check out hostingyourpad.com for a great resource on how to setup a profitable business on Airbnb.

Value Link Round

[25:54] What is your saving or retirement plan?
Max out simple account and should have a few million dollars by the time he’s 67.
All about tax free retirement
Try get to tax free when you’re older

[27:35] Do you have any other books or podcasts you can recommend?
Inspire Nation
Christian Quotes

[28:19] Favorite Quote you like to live by?
To live in fear is to live in the future, to live in regret is to live in the past, to live in happiness is to live in the present

[32:12] Parting piece of advice?
Search for Mind Control on Amazon for Hayk’s book!
Get a camera, have a good camera for pictures and don’t take anybody’s advice.
Either you fail and learn or you gain and gain.

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